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President's Message
The Spring message, from the club's president -
  Gerry Bissett.

Next Meeting
Friday, April 11,

At WLU in the Bricker Building, room BA208.

The Stargazers 101 will meet Friday April 25 7:00.
At the Laurentian Zehrs (Ottawa and Strasburg) Community room. 

Club Calendar

A full calendar of club meetings and events for the 2013-2014 year.

Next Event

Saturday May 3
Waterlook Park Star Party.
All can attend.

Visit the Club Events page for future and past Events and Activities.

Current Astro News

Current Club and Astronomy News


May 3 & 4
The 2nd annual AstroCATS show is fast approaching.
Please get your tickets at the next meeting or online.

Astronomy Picture of the day

New Meteor Shower for 2014: The Camelopardalids
For more info on the parent body of this Meteor Shower, Sky and Tell has this on Comet 209P/LINEAR

Comet 209P/LINEAR


Supernova in M82
Supernova 2014J in M82 has now brightened to about magnitude 10.7. The galaxy and supernova are visible in amateur telescopes in the northeast during the evening hours

Astronomy Picture of the day

KW RASC on Facebook
The KW RASC Facebook page is now up and running.
Join us at: Astronomy in Kitchener-Waterloo

Astronomy Picture of the day

Bright Comets
Since this may be the 'year of the comet', here you can find Weekly Information about Bright Comets.

Great Meteor Procession
The one hundred anniversary of the Great Meteor Procession over Berlin.

Tilker's Dark Sky Site
For club members only, we have a dark sky site at the Tilker's farm.

Conestogo Lake Observing Site
The Conestogo Lake site is now Open until mid October.

Astronomy Picture of the day

Pictures Of the Day
Follow these links for the Picture of the day: Astronomy Picture Of the Day. Astronomy Sketch of the Day. Lunar Picture Of the Day.


Looking Up?
Check out Sky & Telescope's Sky at a glance feature for the current week.
The Heavens Above site for Kitchener will show current satellite positions.


Tonight's Forecast
Have a look at the astronomical forecast, courtesy of the Clear Sky Chart for our area. If you are going out of town, check out our Clear Sky Chart page for the local Sky Charts.


What's Up: K-W RASC Presentations
Miss the What's Up Tonight Presentation at the last RASC meeting? You can find it and others here!