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Club General Meeting - November 9, 2018
Location: Bricker Academic Building - Wilfrid Laurier University:

Room: 112 at 7:30 PM.
We will have our stand-up sign near the front entrance.

The Stargazers 101
October 26 2018 @ 7:00pm. --At Laurentian Zehrs, community room.

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Youth Astronomy


Scouts & Guides

Attention: Cub, Scout and Guide Leaders:

The K-W Centre of RASC can help your youth obtain their Astronomy Badge!

Have one of our experienced members visit you at your “home base”, or even at camp for the weekend: You can build your own planisphere; recognize and find various constellations, stars and planets; learn about the Moon and its various phases, as well as its influence on our oceans’ tides; learn about various astronomy terms; find out what’s “out there” in space; hear about Aboriginal legends concerning the skies; and even, if the sky is clear, peek through a powerful telescope at the treasures of Space!

Our Scouting specialist, Phil Lacasse, has been involved with Scouting for over 20 years, as Pack Leader, Leader Trainer, and Support Team member.

You can find Phil on our Contacts page, under Public Outreach - Scouting.

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