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StarGazing 101 - Keen Observers Contact List


If the night is clear and you want someone to observe with please feel free to phone one of the following 101'ers:

Name Location Phone
Mike Renner* Cambridge (519) 650-0001
Sergio Mammoliti* NW Kitchener (519) 571-0458
Tim Spiegelberg* Central Kitchener (519) 578-1029
Anton Epp North of Guelph (519) 822-8461
Bob Gierling Guelph (519) 837-9503
Brian Hollander* South Kitchener (519) 571-1418
Clark Muir South Kitchener (519) 748-0541
Duncan Class South Kitchener (519) 748-1449
James Andraza East Kitchener (519) 743-8950
John Gough West Waterloo (519) 884-8061
Maryanne Weiler South Kitchener (519) 896-0606
Mel Roman North Waterloo (519) 886-8415
Ognian Kabranov NE Waterloo (519) 880-0790
Brian & Gari Gerow SE Cambridge (519) 620-8205
Rick Burke Center Kitchener (519)-573-5261

*Experienced Observers


Now that you found someone to observe with, the only problem remaining is where?
Check out the Observing Locations on our observing page.

If you would like to be on this list please contact the StarGazing 101 Webmaster.