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Club General Meeting - Friday 11 October, 2019
Location: Bricker Academic Building - Wilfrid Laurier University:

Room: 112 at 7:30 PM.
We will have our stand-up sign near the front entrance.


The Stargazers 101
Friday 25 October 2019 @ 7:00 pm --At Zehrs - Laurentian Mall (750 Ottawa St S, Kitchener) -upstairs conference room



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StarGazing 101 - Extras

Links - Software - Articles - Multi-Media - Charts - RASC Certificates - Maps

This page is dedicated to providing some of the information that has been presented at our meetings. It includes links to interesting internet sites and relevant pdf articles.

If you would like to contribute to this page please contact the Webmaster on the Contacts page.

Links (KW's Astronomy Equipment and Resource Store)
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Your Sky (Sky Charts)
Hawaiian Astronomical Society (Sky Charts)
SkyMaps: Free Skymaps for each month
Chabot Space & Science Centre Virtual Planetarium Sky Calendar
David Paul Green's Free Astronomy Software Site
An overview about the History and Science of Telescopes


Sky Charts Program - Full version is a 15MB file.
HNSKY Planetarium program Planetarium program to magnitude 13 for Windows.
Stellarium A realistic sky in 3D - all platforms.
Jupiter A Program for Jupiter's Moons and Red spot position.
StarTrails A free image processing program.


August Star Hop
Contsellation Ophiuchus
Leo Galaxies (Sky and Telescope)
Constellation Ursa Major (Big Dipper) - Doug Bulgin
Constellation Lyra - Richard Derks
Messier Marathon Check List
Messier Sequence List
Planning Your First Deep Sky Session

Multi-media Sites

Patrick Moore - BBC's "The Sky At Night" On-line Astronomy TV
Podcasting - On-line Radio/Video broadcasting: Recommended Podcasting Client:

Sky Charts & Logs

Coma/Virgo Galaxies (287K) Observing Guide & Charts
Early Spring Charts (375K)
Spring Objects (442K) - B/W Pictures of Objects
Virgo Galaxy Hop (166K) - Intro Chart for Locating Virgo Galaxies
The TRIATLAS Project - Three deep sky atlases up to 9, 10, 13 magnitude

RASC Certificates

RASC Observing Certificate Program
Explore the Universe
Messier Certificate
Finest NGC Certificate
Isabel Williamson Lunar Certificate


Local Observing Sites (Google Map)
Map to Laurentian Zehrs (Meeting Location)