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Contact information for club positions.

Council for 2017:

Position Name
Postition Email
President Leonard Kuehner president
Past President Rick Burke past_president
1st Vice President Sergio Mammoliti vice1_president
2nd Vice President Jeff Dawkins
Secretary Clark Muir secretary
Treasurer Andrew Hill treasurer

Media Contacts:

Position Name
Postition Email
Primary Contact Jim Goetz media

Public Outreach:

Position Name
Postition Email
Elementary Schools George Peer schools
Elementary Schools Rhett Mackend schools
Scouting & Guides
Jim Goetz scouting

Club Positions:

Position Name
Postition Email
Astronomy Day &
Star Party Coordinator
Andrew Meyer
Telescope Rentals
Andrew Meyer
National Representative
Rhett Mackend national_rep
Stargazing 101
Mike Renner
WLU Coordinator
Rockney Jacobsen
WEB Site Maintenance Karol Socander webmaster
Light Pollution Abatement
Rick Burke lpa
Jim Faires

Mailing Address:

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Kitchener-Waterloo Centre
133 Weber Street North, Suite #3-127
Waterloo, On N2J 3G9

Membership List:

For current membership list and contact information see the Members Only page.

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