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Friday June 8 2018
General Meeting is Cancelled (because of the Bayfield event)

The Stargazers 101 will meet Friday June 22 2018 @ 7:00pm. At Laurentian Zehrs, community room.

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9 to 12 August 2018
StarFest Mount Forest

Green Laser Pointers

Laser PointerAll about the use and missuses of Laser Pointers

Laser Pointers

The Green Laser Pointer is a very useful instrument in the hands of astronomers to point out objects in the night sky for others to see.  We have also seen more creative uses, like using it in place of a finder scope.  However the missuses of these devices is causing concern and may have some implications for amateur astronomy.

When using these devices be very careful to use them correctly.  Never point them at any one or even at ground level in case you catch some one in the eyes.  Also if aircraft are in the area, refrain from using until they are gone.  If a pilot sees one of these they may become worried about it hitting them and causing momentary blindness. 

The perception of danger from green laser pointers is out there and it alone may cause these devices to be outlawed.  We don't want to see a case where an amateur astronomer is at fault for some damage due to the use of a green laser pointer.

Please take a look at following links for more information:

RASC GLP Committee has put together this excellent PDF Green Laser Pointer and this Power Point presentation GLP Smart Use