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CANCELED! Club General Meeting - Friday 13 March (TBD), 2020
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CANCELED! The Stargazers 101
March 27 (TBD) February 2020 @ 7:00 pm Note: Please check the group email before attending!


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International Year of
Astronomy 2009

The Club's Activities and Events related to IYA2009.

What is IYA2009?

The International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009) will be a global celebration of astronomy and its contributions to society and culture, highlighted by the 400th anniversary of the first use of an astronomical telescope by Galileo.

We are planning events with the University of Waterloo department of Astronomy to help bring Astronomy to the public.

Our IYA2009 Co-ordinator Cari Gerow is leading up the events for our club this year.

IYA2009 Links

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KW-RASC IYA2009 Club Activities

Month by Month KW-RASC Activities

This is a quick view of the IYA Activities from the KW-RASC.

Star Party at University of Waterloo.

Wednesday October 21 and Tuesday November 17

The University of Waterloo and KW-RASC are holding a Star Party at the University.  These dates coincide with the Orionids and Leonid meteor showers.  They provide the venue, we provide the scopes.  Please come on out - the summer event had over 300 people attend!
K-W RASC Members are asked to come out with scopes at 7pm (yes it will be dark by then) and the public to arrive at 7:30.
A map to the event can be found at:

Past Events

For a recap of the IYA Events and how they went, click here.