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CANCELED! Club General Meeting - Friday 13 March (TBD), 2020
Note: Please let everyone in club know to check the group email before attending any club activity!


CANCELED! The Stargazers 101
March 27 (TBD) February 2020 @ 7:00 pm Note: Please check the group email before attending!


Special Retrospective Issue
Summer 2018 issue
Summer 2018


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Image Gallery of the K-W RASC Members.

The Gallery

The Gallery is a display of Astrophotography from the members of the Kitchener Waterloo RASC.  Any member may upload pictures to the defined categories.

To View the Gallery:

The Gallery is best viewed in full screen mode (F11).
To enter the Gallery, follow this link:

The Rules of the Gallery are:

  • Only Members of the KW RASC may upload and edit the Gallery.  These pages are in the Member's Only password protected section of the Website.
  • Members may upload as many photos as they choose to.
  • Photos must be less than 4Mb each and we recommend a reduced resolution so the largest dimension is 1024 pixels.
  • Photos must be of an Astrophotographic nature.
  • The Author must have taken the image themselves.
  • Any photo may be deleted by the webmasters based on space and duration.
  • Any photo uploaded will be available for the public to view.  As such it is recommended the author watermark their name in the photo.
  • Anyone of the public who wants to use any of these photos should contact the author for permission.

To Upload new Images to the Gallery:

Link to the Upload Page

To Edit or Delete Images from the Gallery:

Link to the Edit Page