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Astrophotography Contest - 2015

The KW-RASC annual contest rules and information.

K-W RASC 12th Annual
Astrophotography Contest!

Once again, the K-W RASC is hosting an astrophotography contest for its members.
This year, several of the most experienced imagers in the club have agreed to not submit to the usual contest categories, but to submit to a new category, Open. This is to help level the field with other imagers. Otherwise, the contest remains as before.
The contest is for the best image of an astronomical object or objects in each of six different categories:

  • Deep Sky
  • Lunar, Planetary and Solar
  • Fixed Tripod
  • Special Events (e.g., aurora, comets, meteors, eclipses, transits, planetary conjunctions)
  • Eyepiece Sketches
  • Constellation Portraits
  • Club Gallery– unrestricted and non-competitive.  Must be your data or source named.  No time limit.  Club member collaborations permitted.  No voting takes place for these images. 

The contest is open to any member in good standing of the Kitchener-Waterloo Centre. All submissions must be received no later than March 8, 2015. There will be one prize awarded for each category. The winning entry in each category will be chosen by those members who attend the March meeting: March 13, 2015.
The winners and their prizes will be announced at the Annual Dinner at Golf's Steak House on Saturday, March 28th, 2015.

Please submit all entries to the contest organizer, Steve Holmes.

The formal contest rules are as follows:

  1. Each entry must be submitted to one, and only one, of the categories named above.
  2. Entries are to be astronomical images or photographs, taken using digital imager (CCD, digital camera, webcam, etc.) or a combination of the above. The image must feature at least one astronomical object (defined as an object above our atmosphere) or an upper-atmospheric phenomena (e.g., aurora). Eligibility of an entry in a particular category is at the sole discretion of the judge or judges for that category.
  3. An entry must have been taken by the Centre member submitting the entry. The judges reserve the right to disallow any entry they believe does not meet this requirement.
  4. There is no limit on the number of entries a Centre member may submit. All submissions will be judged independently.
  5. Entries must be submitted in the form of electronic images (via e-mail, on CD, etc.). If you have prints or slides have them scanned in to electronic images.
  6. The Centre reserves the right to reproduce any submitted image on the Centre's web site and/or other media produced by the Centre without compensation to the author.
  7. Winning images submitted in previous year's contests are not eligible.
  8. Preferably, images should be taken within the last year.  First time submitters are not restricted by this and are encouraged to submit any photos that they have taken.  This is not a rule, just a guideline.
  9. Include a Title for the picture identifying the subject or theme, but not the author.  The title should not be embedded into the image as it will be displayed separately.  Also include a one or two sentence description about the picture which may contain shooting information, location, conditions, techniques etc.  for use in our club publications or the website Gallery.